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Dr. Orlando Kypuros

" I appreciate Dr. K because he is totally real with his approach. He teaches as he treats you. He shares himself and he is actually very funny. I know that he is WELL respected at the hospital, which comforts me should I have to be there."
                               - K. Wilson Foster

Personal Profile

Hometown: Eagle Pass

Board Certification: Internal Medicine

College: UTSA

Medical School: UT Medical Branch

Residency: UTHSCSA


  Dr. Orlando Kypuros is the founder of Northeast ProHealth. His last name is pronounced (key-POO-rose), but everyone knows him as Dr. K. 
  Born and raised in Eagle Pass, Dr. K enrolled at UTSA to begin his journey into the medical field and fulfill his calling to help others. 
  If laughter is the best medicine, Dr. K is the most qualified provider. Possessing a great sense of humor, Dr. K puts his patients at ease, even when they are discussing serious health issues. Dr. K has an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine and analytical skills that help him treat the most troublesome of ailments.
  Dr. K. is the proud husband of Trinity University clinical social worker Dr. Claudia Kypuros and father of two sons. In addition to tennis, Dr. K is also a big fan of lacrosse and he loves the San Antonio Spurs. Go Spurs Go!

Northeast ProHealth

7585 Kitty Hawk Rd., Suite 201

Converse, TX 78109

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