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Office Policies



  To keep our providers, staff and especially our patients safe, we require everyone who enters our clinic to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. There are no exceptions.
  This directive is from management.
  If you have or suspect you have Covid-19, please call us to schedule a Telehealth appointment and one of our providers can speak with you by telephone.
  Our clinic does provide Covid-19 Antigen Tests through a nasal swab as well as a Covid-19 Antibody Test via blood draw.

  Please contact our staff to schedule a test or to set an appointment. We thank you for your understanding.

Walk-Ins/Same Day Appointments


  In order to maintain proper scheduling and minimize wait times, Northeast ProHealth does not accept walk-in appointments. We do accept same-day appointments, however.

  This policy is in place so a patient does not walk in unexpectedly and have to wait for an opening or possibly delay another patient's appointment.

  If you do not need to go to an Emergency Room but are feeling unwell and need to be seen today, please call our office at 210-468-2333 to set an appointment and our staff will work to fit you into that day's schedule.

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For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

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